An Ecological Field Trip to Aburi


The 5th and 6th Graders took a field trip to Aburi Botanical Garden on Nov.05. Students were initially divided into two groups to take an educational tour with two Guides—Michael and Maxwell. Ms. Ashley Christensen (5th Grader Teacher) , Mrs. Mary Yeboah(AIS marketing Director and AIS parent), and Mrs. Jacquie Aboagye (Science Teacher) served as Chaperones. Apart from taking photos, students looked, listened, and added notes between stops, or collaborated with a friend to ensure they got all the information. Students also collected specimens. The 5th Graders were so enthusiastic about plants actually showing symbiotic relationships:—the Epiphytes that showed commensalism , butterflies that showed mutualism as they sucked nectar from the flowers and carried pollens away for pollination—but what took their breath away was the parasitic plant(strangler vine) that had choked its host to death. All the students couldn’t help but go through the “HOLLOW PARASITIC TREE” even though the tree had carnivorous driver ants all around it.!!!!!!!!!! 6th Graders collected their specimens from the gymnosperm and the angiosperm trees. They also collected flowers from them. Some went on to study butterfly behaviors as they flexed their wings, roosted, sunbathed, ate, flew and chased each other. Others even described their colors and patterns in their field trip reports. After their engaging and educational tour, students put down their clip boards, wore their gloves, took their sample containers and off they went with their group members and chaperone to collect bugs which were later preserved and mounted. A bulletin board was also created displaying materials collected while on the field trip.

Praise for the field trip:

“This is such a beautiful place I want to stay here”-a girl stated.

“Thank you guys so much for taking us on this field trip” —it was so cool. A boy stated.

After the field trip students chilled it out at KFC before coming back to school.

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