Director’s Welcome

AIS Family & Prospective Parents,

Thank you for your interest in American International School (AIS)! We hope you take the time to browse our website and see what we have to offer. Our website will give you a glimpse into our school’s unique personality, mission, and goals.

AIS is an international, Christian school located in Accra, Ghana. Our mission is to prepare minds, transform hearts, and empower hands to impact the world for Christ. Though our curriculum and philosophy of education is Christ-centered, we welcome families from a variety of denominations and religions to our school.

Our mission speaks to what AIS is all about – the intellect, the heart, and the hands.

Intellect – preparing students academically. The best schools prepare the minds of their students in ways that are challenging, relevant, and current. Our desire is to nurture within our students a passion and curiosity for learning. We are dedicated to providing an excellent, college preparatory, academic program from a Christian perspective. We are also committed to maximizing the amazing God-given gifts and talents of each student through a wide variety of electives and extra-curricular activities. We seek to provide an excellent academic program so that our students can be successful and prepared to do what God has called them to do.

Heart – preparing students spiritually. We believe that an outstanding education is not just about developing the intellect of our students; it is also about nurturing the heart of each student to love the Lord deeply and want to serve Him with their lives. We are intentional about discipling our students to a closer relationship with Christ and equipping them to view the world and culture from a biblical perspective. Our goal for our students is that they will integrate these truths into their daily lives and will become spiritual leaders who will impact the culture in which they live for Christ.

Hands – developing a desire to serve God and others. Another desire is to develop within our students a passion to serve others. Our hope is for our students to become caring, committed, capable citizens and Christ-like leaders in a world that desperately needs them.

We are blessed to work alongside a dedicated, committed, and qualified faculty and staff. An outstanding faculty that truly cares for each student is at the heart of the AIS experience. These relationships form the basis to carry out the mission of our school. Students, parents, and teachers often refer to one another as family.

I would encourage you to find out more about us and strongly urge you to consider joining the faculty, staff, students, parents and supporters who comprise the entire AIS family.


Sheree Haley
Senior Administrator
AIS Accra, Ghana