Learning Expectations

Students should be:

Investigative Learners Who: 

  • Assess their needs and apply strategies to learn identified concepts and skills
  • Formulate positive personal values based upon Biblical principles
  • Formulate and pursue realistic goals
  • Establish patterns for lifelong learning


Perceptive Thinkers Who:

  • Identify, analyze, discriminate, prioritize and apply information
  • Utilize multiple frames of reference
  • Make responsible decisions
  • Apply critical thinking skills to life’s problems


Effective Communicators Who:

  • Convey messages clearly and accurately to others
  • Understand and use the fundamental processes in communicating and dealing with others
  • Receive and interpret the messages of others in an effective manner
  • Create intellectual, artistic, practical, and physical products
  • Reflect the beauty of an intelligent Creator
  • Seek the highest standard possible
  • Take advantage of emerging technology


Cooperative Contributors Who:

  • Develop appropriate skills for personal and social relationships
  • Foster, develop, and maintain relationships within varied cultures and diverse settings
  • Establish and accomplish effective goals with others


Involved Citizens Who:

  • Respect and submit to proper authority
  • Demonstrate positive and productive citizenship
  • Contribute their time, energies and talents to improve the quality of life in our school, community and the world
  • Show compassion and wisdom to those less fortunate