Middle School

Students in middle school are on an adventure to learn about themselves, the world around them, and their place in their community.The middle school program supports the transition from elementary school to high school through catering specifically to the developmental needs of middle school learners. Students develop autonomy and self-discipline as they move from class to class through the school day.

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Age appropriate academics and activities are delivered by US certified teachers through a variety of instructional styles that provide students with the ability to grow and mature as they become more independent learners. We structure our curriculum according to the guidelines set by the Common Core and Virginia State Standards. To accompany the core classes, students have opportunities to learn more in the areas of music, art, computer keyboarding, physical education, drama and public speaking.

Honor Classes

We offer honors classes in Math and Science at the Middle School level. These classes prepare students for advanced learning in high school. Admission into honors classes is based on academic placement and teacher recommendation.

Reading Month

Each October we celebrate the importance of reading throughout the school with a variety of reading activities. Students are encouraged to read more throughout the month and are awarded prizes for their efforts.

Science Fair

Students are encouraged to participate in the annual Science Fair by performing experiments, analyzing results and defend their findings to school community. The purpose of the Science Fair is to promote the advancement of the sciences through engaging students in independent research and hands on learning experiences.

Spelling Bee

Our annual Spelling Bee is a fun learning experience that combines healthy competition with academic achievement. The purpose of the Spelling Bee is to help students improve their spelling and increase their vocabulary, while building confidence.
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As a Christian school, we offer a variety of activities and programs with the goal of encouraging students to develop and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ. AIS students are encouraged to develop their own personal relationship with the Lord and exemplify  Christian values in the choices. Our teachers serve as Christian role models and mentors for our students in living their faith in practical ways.

Switch Central

Switch Central is a weekly chapel meeting where students participate in games, join worship through song and dance, listen to encouraging biblical messages, and share in discussion with classmates.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

SEW is a week set apart for spiritual growth.  Students participate in activities and chapel sessions to encourage them to grow closer to the Lord help them understand how to live out the Christian faith.

Service Projects

Students have an opportunity to participate in a number of service projects or activities throughout the school year.  These opportunities help the school and/or the community.

Advisory Groups

Each student participates in a small group Advisory session during the last 30 minutes of each day.  Each Advisory teacher helps students write academic and personal goals, monitors student academic progress, and leads group discussions based on the Switch Central topics.


MS Transforming Hearts

At AIS, we empower students to take action and live out their learning in a variety of ways. We offer a variety of unique learning opportunities that integrate the application of 21st century skills to real-world experiences. These experiences give students the opportunity to exhibit their learning through serving our school and community.


JTerm is a nine day period during January when our middle and high school students will break away from the traditional classroom and enjoy in-depth, experiential learning in a particular area of interest.  Students in grades 6-12 will choose one or two classes from a variety of experiences and trips that take place both on and off the AIS campus.

International Day

Our annual International Day program is a school wide celebration of the many cultures represented in our school community. We engage students in researching and presenting a variety of countries while proudly representing their own cultures.  Our program includes authentic cultural performances; it’s a celebration you won’t want to miss!

Fine Arts Extravaganza

Each Spring, our school celebrates the artistic talents of our students through our Fine Arts Extravaganza. Students perform in our annual Musical and artwork is displayed in a gallery setting for viewing before and after the show.


At the end of each school year our music and drama teachers organize a musical production performed by our middle and high school students. These wonderful performances showcase our students’ talents in the fine and performing arts.

Student Council

Students strengthen their leadership skills through serving the AIS student body as a member of the Student Council. Elected positions include president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, and class representatives.