Special Education

The Special Education Department at American International School exists to meet the diverse needs reflected in the student population by providing specialized instruction and advisory services to eligible students. AIS strives to provide the highest quality education, irrespective of disability, meeting students at their point of need and teaching them in their least restrictive environment. The Special Education Department is comprised of resource services and is designed to meet a wide range of individual needs. There are two levels of program involvement. The Special Education Program is for students who have a documented and identified learning disability by a qualified educational psychologist. The objective is to enable them to overcome difficulties, learn coping strategies, and be academically successful. Individualized Education Plans are written for all students in the Special Education Program. The Remediation Course is designed for students who do not have an identified learning disability but need some extra support in the classroom. These services could include working with an aide, a quiet classroom to work in, or working on study or organizational skills.