Third Grade is Going Green

Trashy Bags 4

Third grade is going green! We have been learning all about the importance of recycling in attempt to help our school-wide recycling program. We had the opportunity to visit Trashy Bags, a local, eco-friendly business that turns plastic trash into fashionable bags.
We were able to learn about all the pollution and harm that plastic bags cause to our environment. Trashy Bags, as well as other companies in Ghana, have partnered with other businesses that create a lot of trash. Their goal is to reuse and recycle this trash in order to save our environment.
We were able to see all steps to this amazing process. First, we saw the creative team creating designs for all sorts of things such as bags, wallets, baby carriers, and even clothes! We then saw the bags get washed, sown together, and finally, made into the finished product.
We are so thankful for business such as Trashy Bags, and so thankful we were able to learn how to better serve our community and city.
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