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Tracy Dorr

Sep 19th, 2019

New Security Measures, Health Alert, A Dress Down Day, Bake Sale, Movie Night, Afterschool Activities (ASA)...

New Security Measures
AIS is implementing new security requirements in an ongoing effort to keep all students safe during their school day. One measure is to create family name tags on lanyards that need to be presented when on campus. Families are asked to send two passport photos to by Sept. 23rd. Family
name tags will be completed and given out to families by Oct. 4th. We are reminding parents that if a driver or other family representative needs to come on campus, they would use one of the family passes while here.

Health Alert
The US embassy issued a health alert due to a polio outbreak in Ghana. Please make sure that your student’s
vaccinations are updated. Equally important is that all parents take the time to update their vaccinations including a polio booster!

A Dress Down Day
As a senior fundraiser, on the last Friday of every month students can dress out of uniform at a cost of 5GHS. (Appropriate attire only!)

Bake Sale
A fundraiser is set for this Friday from 10:30-11:30. Students are encouraged to buy treats to raise money for AIS Sports.

Movie Night
The student council is hosting a movie night for students. Elementary students will watch “SpongeBob” and Secondary will see “Friends”. It will start at 5 pm and end at 7 pm. The cost will be 5 GHS for the movie. Snacks will be extra. Chaperones will be there to watch students who stay after school for the movie rather
than go home. Sycamore- Please check your student’s grades. Finals and the end of the quarter are coming soon! Also, ask them to show you their Google Classrooms to check for homework.

Afterschool Activities (ASA)
We have had an overwhelming response to ASA’s. This has made changes in classes necessary. The piano lesson has been divided into two classes Wed/Thurs. Robotics moved to Friday. Families can invite neighbors to sign up for ASA’s for an out of school fee.

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