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About AIS

With the support of the Network of International Christian Schools, the American International School opened in 2006.

Located in East Legon, Accra, Ghana, AIS serves students from ages 3 to 18 as an American Dual-Accredited College Preparatory School.

Our faculty population is represented by 65% from the United States and 35% are Expatriates from various countries. We are accredited by ACSI and MSA/CIWA.
AIS offers (AP) Advanced Placement classes to our High School students to qualify for an honors degree and University credits. 

About AIS
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About AIS
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About AIS

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Preparing Minds

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AIS uses 21st Century strategies and best practices to prepare students to be "movers and shakers" in a global society.


With learning that encompasses the four C's of collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication in a culturally diverse classroom environment, we intentionally keep class sizes small to allow us to work closely with each child and develop a program to suit individual needs.

At each grade level, students are given the opportunity to explore real-world problems, think critically, work independently and collaboratively to create solutions that solves world dilemmas. 

Using a 6-year plan at the beginning of 6th grade, students choose a diploma track then research and plan the action steps to achieve their college and career goals within a post-secondary setting. 

Transforming Hearts

As a Christian school, our teachers are dedicated to caring for the whole child. We are preparing students to go out into the world having a strong moral compass.


Classes are designed to challenge students to integrate a Biblical perspective in each discipline for caring about and addressing world concerns. We foster student leadership through our weekly chapel programs. Advisory groups help to instill accountability and discipleship across grade levels to promote good character qualities. 


The small school and class environment helps to create a unique family culture where students and staff care for one another.


Empowering Hands


At AIS, we mentor students to practice impacting their communities to sharpen their talents and abilities as world changers. 


Teachers integrate real world experiences into each lesson so that students can make connections between what they are learning and how that could be used to shape their world.


Students are challenged to demonstrate core character traits such as integrity, respect, empathy, and courage through leadership opportunities, service projects and community initiatives.

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