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Fine Arts

Creativity is an essential component of the American International School education. From K – 12, every child gets the opportunity to express and develop their imagination and creativity through our academic and co-curricular programs. Incorporating both studio practice and theory, our art program is designed in a way that every child is challenged to develop a critical self-awareness about their work and to better understand the aesthetic, social and intellectual contexts that inform artmaking in today's globalized world.

At AIS, we believe that children have the freedom to be imaginative and expressive. Throughout the academic year, students are given opportunities to participate in national and international art competitions as a way of building their self-confidence as artists and solving problems using their creativity and the skills acquired. One yearly contest in which we routinely participate is the Toyota Dream Car Contest. This is a global contest that creates a unique platform for our students to discover the joy of creating and solving problems using their minds and hands.

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Antoinette Agyabaah

Elementary Art Teacher.


Joana Sarbah

MS/HS Art Teacher.

Performing Arts

The field of performing arts is a blanket term for all forms of performance, including dance, theater, and music. Studies include academic pursuits, such as histories and theories, as well as a variety of performance styles. Students will be given the opportunity to learn various instruments while advancing in their music theory and history course.

As part of our online performing arts program, we will learn to use our technology to advance our learning and presenting different types of school productions. 

AIS Staff-2

Osbert Kaitoo

Elementary  Teacher.

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Samuel Adade 

MS/HS Music Teacher

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