Our Grades

All our faculty is trained and ceritified in Child Safety and Protective Services. In addition, ongoing first aid and CPR training and ceritication is held annually. No matter the grade your child is in - their emotional, physical, and mental well being is our first priority.

At our vibrant preschool we provide activities that stimulate their emotional, physical, spiritual, and academic growth.  Your child will have a strong, holistic foundation for entry into Kindergarten. Our faculty is well-trained and participates in scheduled professional development training throughout the year. Our programs begin at age three and continue until your child is ready for success in Kindergarten.

Elementary school at AIS spans from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Our well-trained, certified Christian teachers make every effort to give each child a strong foundation with skills for a lifetime of learning. With a safe, nurturing environment, we encourage students to always try their very best, while learning respect and accountability.

Students in middle school are on an adventure to learn about themselves, the world around them, and their place in their community. The middle school program supports the transition from elementary school to high school through catering specifically to the developmental needs of middle school learners. Students develop autonomy and self-discipline as they move from class to class through the school day.

Our high school program follows the Carnegie Unit (credit) system culminating in students earning an American High School diploma. The level of academic rigor prepares students for admissions to quality universities. They receive an education where their behavioral, academic, social, and spiritual needs are met. Our certified, caring teachers and support staff are dedicated to guiding students academically and spiritually.


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