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High School

Our high school program follows the Carnegie Unit (credit) system culminating in students earning an American High School diploma. The level of academic rigor prepares students for admission to quality universities. They receive an education where their behavioral, academic, social, and spiritual needs are met.


The highly qualified faculty and staff are committed to helping students reach their highest academic potential and position them to be competent worldwide leaders who make a positive difference in their communities.


Many courses are taught at the honors or Advanced Placement level, offering students an unmatched opportunity to earn college credit and earn a high grade point average. Students interested in enrolling in our Honors and AP courses should expect higher expectations in terms of quality of work, project or report content, and organization with an emphasis on analysis & mastery.

A key graduation requirement is for every student in High School to take part in community service as a way of helping others and expanding their worldview, short-term internships, and seniors interview.

AIS offers SAT preparatory classes and preliminary tests for High School students. All 8th through 12th graders will take the PSAT and SAT over the course of their high school experience. The school is also a registered SAT exam center. Students continue a six-year plan through high school that helps them transition into the college of their choice.


In addition to academics, AIS offers many choices in sports; soccer, basketball, and volleyball. There are also non-sports clubs students participate in, for example, Model United Nations (MUN), science club, chess, and more!

For more info, contact us or send an email to


Horla Kakane

Division Leader,

High School.

Dual Credit Program

To support the unique gifts of students, we have created opportunities for our high school students to get ready for college and gain college credits while attending high school. Some of our course offerings include; SAT College Prep Class, AP English, AP Math, World Language Testing, and SevenStar Online Program.

Our dual credit program allows students to receive high school and college credits concurrently while taking pre-approved online courses at a reduced cost for college credits. Participating students can graduate with up to two years of college credits, and enter the college of their choice with a substantial advantage in meeting academic college entrance requirements plus saving time and money on their post-secondary education. 

Take a look at our AIS School Profile or speak to our counseling team for more details.

Dual Credit Program
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