Middle School

Middle School is structured to be a time of growth as students transition from Elementary to High School. Teachers work together to create a rigorous, safe and loving environment for students to learn as they take on more responsibility for their education. Students work with their advisors to set goals that challenge them to continually grow. Twice a year, parents, students, and teachers meet to discuss these goals and the progress students have made through a conference led by the student. 


Teachers work in collaboration to build connections between subject areas and college readiness throughout the Middle School. Projects are generally hands-on and have elements from multiple subject areas incorporated in order to extend student learning and make the material applicable to each individual. Students start a six-year plan that will help them prepare for entrants into the college of their choice after high school. Students are offered "power lunches" each week to come in for additional instruction. 


At AIS, we value community with real world opportunities. As such, our Middle School often works with other students in the school and in the community around us. We participate in various service projects in and out of school. Several community leaders come in and speak to our students about real-world connections to what they are learning in classes. Our desire is for students to realize the role they have in influencing their world. 


Most importantly, we value students developing a relationship with God. Middle School has its own chapel, designed to be most impactful for their age group. Additionally, they meet once a week in a small group led by a teacher in order to mentor students. All of the curriculum at AIS is designed to be biblically integrated. In Middle School, we love for students to be able to ask questions and have conversations about God in all subjects. 

For more info, contact us or send an email to info@aisghana.org

Kwabena Kurankye

Division Leader,

Middle School.