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Preparing minds, transforming hearts, empowering hands...

Preparing Minds

To develop 21st century skills to interact and lead in a global society.

Transforming Hearts

To lead in solving world issues with initiative, flexibility and the compassion of Christ.

Empowering Hands

To engage critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills to transform world events.


"Transforming Our World for Christ through Academic Excellence with 21st Century Skills"



Parents talk about why they love AIS...

"The unity and love of the teachers. The strong Christian foundation and excellent academics"

Online Learning Begins

Due to COVID-19, all classes are moved to online learning from March 23 until further notice.  We remain up-to-date on the Government of Ghana's closure advisory and will continue online learning for all students as needed. 

Families are encouraged to follow the Travel Advisory issued by the Government of Ghana.

Specific details on the school continuity plan, online learning, and travel advisory have been sent out to all parents.

Email us at info@aisghana.org for inquiries.

Thank you.


(+233) 28 954 7951


Mon - Fri: 7:30am (9am) - 4:00pm (2pm)


No 1 Jungle Road, East Legon, Accra, Ghana.

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