Academics / Diving into Digital: Transforming with Technology.

Diving into Digital: Transforming with Technology.

Key Learning Approach
  • One-on-One Device Policy
  • Digital Citizenship Education
  • Digital Resource Integration
  • Collaborative Opportunities
  • Customized Learning

Welcome to the exciting world of Educational Technology, where innovation meets education to redefine the learning experience. Our commitment to leveraging technology as a powerful educational tool opens doors to new possibilities, engaging students and educators alike.

In today's digital age, technology plays a pivotal role in education. We embrace the latest advancements in educational technology, providing students with innovative tools and resources to enhance their learning experience. From interactive classrooms to online resources, our technology services are designed to keep students engaged and prepared for the modern world.

As advances in technology drive globalization and digital transformation, our teachers help students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in the careers of the future.

AIS strives to maintain a 1:1 student-to-device ratio at both elementary and secondary levels. During COVID, AIS offered remote learning for K-12 grade students which includes high-resolution cameras and microphones installed in the classrooms. With our One-on-One Device Policy, we are empowering students to embrace technology as a powerful educational tool, fostering independence, critical thinking, and digital literacy. This policy sets the stage for a new era of education, where students have the world at their fingertips, ready to explore, learn, and excel.

This initiative brings the 21st Century to the forefront, as well as engages our students in additional critical thinking, collaboration, and communication activities. Our vision is that all students will use technology to energize personal intellectual development and construct knowledge for life after high school in a changing world. We define technology broadly as a “tool” the teachers use to convey the lesson and interact with our students.

Explore the Potential of Educational Technology:

  • Interactive Learning: Our educational technology solutions create dynamic, interactive learning environments. Students are empowered to actively engage with the material, fostering deeper understanding and retention.
  • Digital Resources: We provide access to a vast array of digital resources, from e-books to online research tools, enriching the educational experience and promoting independent, self-directed learning.
  • Personalized Learning: Our Personalized Learning is tailored to individual needs. With the help of our one-on-one devices policy, students work at their own pace, explore individual interests, and access tailored educational content.
  • Global Connection: AIS educational technology connects students with peers, experts, and resources from around the world. It fosters collaboration, cultural understanding, and the development of essential global competencies.
  • Assessment and Analytics: Our data-driven insights allow educators to gauge student progress and make informed decisions, enhancing teaching strategies and ensuring no student is left behind.
  • Digital Citizenship Education: We prioritize educating students on responsible digital citizenship, including online etiquette, privacy, and information literacy. This ensures they use their devices safely and ethically.

With a passionate commitment to combining innovation and education, we transform the way students learn and educators teach. Join us in this digital revolution, where educational technology is reshaping the future of learning. Your journey to a new era of education starts here.

Essential Links for Students and Parents

  • ManageBac: School Management System for accessing assignments, reports, and more.

  • Follett Destiny Library Management System: A single discovery interface for students and educators to search and access all print and digital resources, including eBooks, audiobooks, and interactive books.

  • JSTOR Digital Library Journal Storage is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

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