Academics / Middle School

Middle School

Key Learning Approach
  • Inquiry-Based
  • Thinking and Research Skills
  • Developed in local and global contexts
  • Differentiated to meet the needs of all learners
  • Communication Skills
  • Technology-enabled learning.

Middle School is structured to be a time of growth as students transition from Elementary to High School. Teachers work together to create a rigorous, safe and loving environment for students to learn as they take on more responsibility for their education. Students work with their advisors to set goals that challenge them to continually grow. Twice a year, parents, students, and teachers meet to discuss these goals and the progress students have made through a conference led by the student.

Art & Craft
Robotics & Science

Teachers work in collaboration to build connections between subject areas and college readiness throughout Middle School. Projects are generally hands-on and have elements from multiple subject areas incorporated in order to extend student learning and make the material applicable to each individual. Students start a six-year plan that will help them prepare for entry into the college of their choice after high school. Students are provided additional instructional support in Math and ELA called “Mind The Gap” (MTG) which bridge the lacking knowledge needed for their grade level. This help students identify where they might have missed something in their learning and give them the opportunity to improve their understanding of the concepts they learned (or missed).

PSAT 8/9: A Pathway to Academic Achievement

At AIS, we take immense pride in our students' outstanding performance on the PSAT 8/9, a pivotal step in their academic journey. This standardized test not only serves as a valuable indicator of their readiness for the main SAT test but also illuminates their potential for future academic achievement.

Benefits of the PSAT 8/9

  • Early Assessment: The PSAT 8/9 is more than just an assessment; it's an opportunity for our students to showcase their academic prowess at an early stage by providing valuable insights into their strengths and areas for growth, setting the stage for tailored educational pathways.
  • Holistic Development: Beyond mastering content, students demonstrate critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective time management skills.
  • College Readiness: Scoring well on the PSAT 8/9 is an important milestone on the path to college readiness. It not only instills confidence in our students but also opens doors to a myriad of academic and scholarship opportunities.
  • Personalized Learning: We believe in the power of personalized learning. The data derived from PSAT 8/9 scores allows us to customize educational experiences, ensuring that each student receives the support and enrichment they need to thrive.
  • Preparation for the Future: The PSAT 8/9 is a stepping stone to future success. It serves as a foundation upon which students can build their academic aspirations, set ambitious goals, and chart their course toward higher education.
  • Benchmarking Excellence: Our students' PSAT 8/9 scores consistently surpass national benchmarks, reaffirming our commitment to academic excellence and the continuous improvement of our educational programs.
  • Future-Focused: Success on the PSAT 8/9 paves the way for future academic achievements, including success on the PSAT/NMSQT and SAT, which are critical for college admissions.
  • Celebrating Achievement: Our students' accomplishments on the PSAT 8/9 are a testament to their hard work, determination, and commitment to their education. We celebrate their achievements as they embark on a trajectory toward academic excellence.
Special Programs
International Day
Ghana Day
House Colour Competitions
Spring Concert
Field Day
Spelling Bee

At AIS, we value community with real-world opportunities. As such, our Middle School often works with other students in the school and in the community around us. We participate in various service projects in and out of school. Several community leaders come in and speak to our students about real-world connections to what they are learning in classes. Our desire is for students to realize the role they have in influencing their world.

Most importantly, we value students developing a relationship with God. Middle School has its own chapel, designed to be most impactful for their age group. Additionally, they meet once a week in a small group led by a teacher in order to mentor students. All of the curriculum at AIS is designed to be biblically integrated. In Middle School, we love for students to be able to ask questions and have conversations about God in all subjects.

Middle School Division Leader

Meet our team of highly dedicated and experienced staff members and teachers who are committed to providing the best possible education and support to our students.