Student Life / Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Key Activities
  • Developing students as leaders
  • Helping students build personal relationship with Christ
  • Stirring the gifts of God within students
  • Enabling students to better understand and support their peers.
  • Equip students with healthy coping mechanisms to navigate difficult situations,

The Student Spiritual Life program at our school is a cherished cornerstone that nurtures the inner growth and values of our students. Rooted in a spirit of inclusivity and respect for diverse belief systems, this program offers a sacred space for students to explore and deepen their spiritual understanding. Under the guidance of compassionate mentors, students embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, and ethical contemplation.

Through meaningful discussions, contemplative practices, and service-oriented activities, students learn to integrate spiritual principles into their daily lives, promoting personal well-being and a heightened sense of purpose. The Student Spiritual Life program not only fosters resilience in the face of challenges but also encourages empathy, compassion, and a sense of interconnectedness among our diverse student body.

At Chapel, we encourage student participation in the leading of worship and the service format. At different times, we involve team challenges, group games, discussion, poignant talks, and always the opportunity to pray. By nurturing these vital aspects of character, the program not only contributes to the holistic development of our students but also shapes responsible and compassionate citizens who positively impact their communities and the world at large.

We have strong links with visiting pastors, local missionaries, and creative artists who connect powerfully with our students. It is important to develop students as leaders.

Our Mission

Our mission is for students to find a real and personal relationship with Christ through the power of His word, our witness of authentic faith, and a demonstration of the Father's love. Our prayer is to empower students to be all that God created them to be by building on the unshakable foundations of the Bible, prayer, accountability, integrity, and sonship rights. We help to stir the gifts that God has placed within them to fulfill their calling and impact the world.

Our Staff

Our staff serves as a mentor, guiding students on their personal spiritual journeys and offering a safe space for open dialogue about faith, ethics, and personal beliefs.