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Parent Teacher Organization

Parent Teacher Organization

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at our school is a dynamic and collaborative alliance that bridges the gap between home and school. Comprising dedicated parents and teachers, the PTO is committed to enriching the educational experience of our students by fostering a strong sense of community, open communication, and active engagement.


The objectives of the PTO are to:

  • enhance and enrich the educational experience of children at American International School by positively influencing the management of the school
  • promoting a collaborative environment between the administration and the parent community
  • providing essential input and assistance.

PTO meetings led by the PTO executives are held once quarterly and more frequently as needed. Meetings are open to all parents and teachers. The PTO also organizes events throughout the school year to support and promote community building, development of the school and discuss any concerns parents or stakeholders may have regarding students.

The PTO executive leadership consists of:

Vice President
Elementary Representative
Middle School Representative
High School Representative

If you would like to email the PTO, contact them at pto@aisghana.org

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